Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight pickup tool by Impeltronics

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Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight pickup tool by Impeltronics

The Impeltronics LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight offers the ability for the user to find and retrieve objects in hard-to-reach areas. The magnets in both the head and tail end of the flashlight permit the recovery of magnetic objects weighing up to eight pounds.

The flashlight has three bright LED lights for increased visibility, and is extendable from a compact 6.75 inches to 21+ inches long for better reach. The LED head is flexible for 360-degree directional rotation.

The flashlight requires four LR44 batteries  and has a pocket or belt clip. Constructed of rugged aluminum, the LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight’s LED Head is made of aluminum and contains three bright LEDs. The flashlight head is attached to approximately three inches of sturdy flexible metal for multi-directional applications.

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