Wiring diagrams added to Autodata's Quick-Reference PRO

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Wiring diagrams added to Autodata's Quick-Reference PRO

Autodata Publications has expanded its online automotive information system, Quick-Reference PRO (QRP), to include vital additional wiring diagrams.

Spanning five different systems, the new wiring diagrams subject covers door locks, headlights, power windows, exterior lights and wipers/washers.

In addition, the latest release has been updated with information on more than 60 of the latest vehicles; it also includes key programming instructions for complex keyless entry vehicles and additional technical service bulletins.

QRP features comprehensive OEM-sourced technical information from over 50 vehicle manufacturers, covering the new cars on sale in the USA, and coverage from the past 18 years of older vehicles.

Quick-Reference PRO is designed primarily to provide technicians with fast access to the most frequently used service information, and will help shops to encourage customers to keep up with regular vehicle maintenance.

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