Identify couplers and plugs with new Tru-Flate packaging

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Identify couplers and plugs with new Tru-Flate packaging

Plews & Edelmann has created new packaging for Tru-Flate air accessories and tire repair Articles for easier identification of correct couplers and plugs.

Nearly 60% of individuals surveyed were frustrated when purchasing airline couplers and plugs, according to the company's market research. Customers told the company it can be difficult to match the correct style coupler with the right plug that properly mates with their system.

To avoid confusion and aid in selecting the correct Article, Plews & Edelmann has created a die-cut plug outline in the upper-right corner of Tru-Flate packaging that matches the profile of the coupler in the package. The package's patent-pending design enables customers to easily compare plug profiles and identify the plug that will mate with their system, ultimately reducing any uncertainties.

Package graphics have also changed from a softer, cloud-like background to a brighter primary red and blue color scheme to highlight the die-cut corner.

Plews & Edelmann is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of automotive parts and tools. For more information, visit the company’s website.

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