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Highlander Stop & Start System Needs Specific Battery

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Highlander Stop & Start System Needs Specific Battery

Some 2017-2019 Toyota Highlander vehicles are equipped with an engine Stop & Start system. It’s important to use a replacement battery P/N 28800-31550 when battery replacement is required.

There is no recommended Truestart battery that is applicable for Stop & Start Highlanders. The Stop & Start battery is specially designed for deep discharges and it is of a design called enhanced flooded battery (EFB). Characteristics of EFB batteries are the ability to quickly discharge and recharge. When testing batteries for Stop & Start equipped Highlanders, use the battery type EFB and your battery tester. 

You can identify the correct battery by looking at the battery label, which should have P/N 28800-31550. The battery manufacturer “GS Yuasa” can be seen on the front of the battery in raised letters and on the battery label. It also has screw type vent caps, not press-on vent caps.

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