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Fibbing Fuel Gauge

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Fibbing Fuel Gauge

Owners of a 2008-2009 Chevy Impala may complain that the fuel gauge is inaccurate. DTC P0461 may be stored.

Prior to removing the fuel level sending unit from the fuel tank, perform a drag test on terminals B, D and H in the 8-way connector at X405. If a terminal concern is found at connector X405, replace the terminal as necessary.

Interference is suspected between the end of the float arm where it is attached to the sending unit and the convoluted tubing that is part of the sending unit. To inspect for the potential interference, it is necessary to compress the fuel sending unit on the bench to the same height as it is compressed in the fuel tank.

If you see the potential for interference when compressing the assembly, repair or replace the module reservoir assembly (MRA module kit: tank and pump) as necessary.

Note that DTC P0461 can also be customer-influenced by refueling after only 50 or 60 miles of travel or less. There is currently no software or calibration tool to directly address the situation where a vehicle is constantly topped off after driving short distances.

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