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Cadillac Says Brake Pedal Detent is Normal

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Cadillac Says Brake Pedal Detent is Normal

Some owners of 2017-2018 Cadillac XT5 vehicles may notice at roughly three-fourths of the way through the accelerator pedal travel, there is a detent-click felt in the pedal with increased resistance.

The new accelerator pedal design has a built-in detent position that can be noticed at roughly three-fourths pedal travel. The detent provides feedback to the driver to minimize transmission downshifting, allowing for improved fuel economy and smoother operation. Pressing up to the detent will allow a more relaxed acceleration rate.

When pressing through the detent, the transmission will downshift aggressively, allowing for an increased acceleration rate.

Explain to the customer that this is a normal characteristic and that no repairs are necessary.

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