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Jaguar Notes Problem With Pathfinder

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When carrying out diagnostic sessions on Jaguar E-PACE, F-PACE, E-TYPE, XF or XE using Pathfinder, technicians may observe unknown DTCs being stored in control modules. The DTC information is not being converted correctly between modules and Pathfinder. 

The DTCs and their respective numerical codes are shown below, with the DTC description and symptoms. The DTC index will be corrected in Pathfinder. Please refer to Topix (General Information – Description & Operation – Diagnostic Trouble Code Index) for more information regarding possible causes and actions.


Unknown DTC  = Correct DTC

2384640 = P2463-00

Particulate filter restriction – soot accumulation Bank 1

MIL...restricted performance


2386944 = P246C-00

Particulate filter restriction – Forced Limited Power Bank 1

MIL...restricted performance


2386688 = P246B-00

Vehicle Conditions Incorrect for Particulate Filter Regeneration

MIL...restricted performance


2381824 = P2458-00

Particulate Filter Regeneration Duration Bank 1

MIL...restricted performance

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