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Tool Review: Steelman RT-4000 Pro -- A Combination Scan and Reset Tool That Does Not Disappoint

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Tool Review: Steelman RT-4000 Pro -- A Combination Scan and Reset Tool That Does Not Disappoint

JS Products has recently released its new Steelman RT-4000 Pro “reset” tool. In addition to the capability to serve as a DTC scan and clearing tool (for 1996 and newer vehicles) via OBDII and CAN bus protocols, this nifty hand-held device allows you to easily reset service and maintenance-alert messages for battery, oil and service lights and to properly perform electronic parking brake service.

The tool kit, P/N 97019, includes a sturdy molded storage case, the scan/reset tool, a DLC connection cable and a USB storage device. The tool is easily updated via the internet. Remove the small SD card from the base of the tool and insert it into the supplied USB storage device.

By going to their site, you can download any updates through the supplied USB storage device onto the SD card. Re-insert the SD card to the tool and you’re ready to go.

General start-up

1. Connect the OBDII cable to the tool.

2. Turn the vehicle ignition switch to the OFF position.

3. Connect the OBDII cable to the vehicle’s DLC connector.

4. The tool will automatically power-on.

5. Turn the vehicle’s ignition switch to the ON position (engine off).

6. Follow the on-screen steps to select make, model and year.

7. For automatic resets, select “automatic reset” and follow the prompts to select the desired reset function.

8. For manual reset, select “manual reset” and follow the on-screen procedures.

When the tool powers-up, the main menu display screen will list VEHICLES, OPTION, ABOUT and SELFTEST. The “vehicle” choice will guide you through the service features including battery test, oil reset, OBDII code reader and EPB. The “option” choice will provide you with all settings (language, display contrast, metric/inch settings and data logging). Language choices include English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian. Data logging may be turned on to record. The recording can then be e-mailed to Steelman if customer service is required. The “about” selection provides system information, the product serial number, hardware version, release date and password. The “self-test” selection enables testing of screen display, keyboard and hardware.

Scan tool function

As you might expect, retrieving and/or deleting DTCs is simple and straightforward.

1. Connect the OBDII cable to the tool and vehicle.

2. When the tool turns on, select “Vehicle.”

3. Select “OBDII” and then select “OBDII V30.05.”

4. The tool provides auto scan, as well as OBDII protocols.

5. Select “AUTO SCAN” in order to automatically scan for OBDII codes with the correct protocol.

6. If you know the vehicle protocol, you may select it instead of the auto scan choice. The tool will search for codes based on the selected protocol (SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 14230-4, ISO 9141-2, ISO 15765-4). The AUTO SCAN choice is easiest, as the tool will automatically select the correct protocol based on vehicle make, model and year.

7. DTCs can be read and erased as desired.

EPB service

Electronic parking brake service allows you to read and clear EPB fault codes, open and close brake pads during service, and to perform EPB reset. When servicing the brake system of any vehicle that features EPB, a tool of this type is absolutely mandatory.

1. In order to service the electronic parking brake system (if so equipped), once the tool powers up, select “VEHICLE.”

2. Select “EPB,” then “EPB V30.32.”

3. Select make, model and model type from the choices on the screen.

4. The instructions will be displayed (i.e. “Insert key, turn ignition on while releasing the handbrake,” etc.).

5. Press “Enter” to perform the service.

Battery reset

On certain newer vehicles, once you disconnect the battery (during battery change etc.) a reset procedure must be followed in order to re-initialize the ECM. If the reset procedure is not performed, you can be faced with a potential limp-mode, shortened battery life or an over-charging issue, or steering angle sensor glitches, etc. Examples include newer BMW, Land Rover, Ford F-Series, VW, Audi, Mini and Jaguar vehicles. The tool’s reset procedure will walk you through the entire reset procedure.

1. Connect the OBDII cable to the tool and the vehicle’s DLC.

2. When the tool turns on, select “VEHICLE.”

3. Select “BATTERY MATCH.”

4. Select vehicle “MAKE.”

5. Select “Battery control.”

Oil reset light service

1. Connect the OBDII cable to the tool and the DLC.

2. When the tool turns on, select “VEHICLE.”

3. Select “OIL/Server Reset” and then select “OIL/Server Reset V31.56”.

4. Select make, model and year.

(NOTE: Some vehicles can be reset automatically and some manually. The device provides reset procedures that are built into the tool.)

5. The tool will prompt you to enter the percentage from 0-100% manually, then press the ENTER button to reset the system.

6. The tool will prompt you, step-by-step on how to reset the oil light through the manufacturer settings.

7. The tool provides three options to reset the oil light on Audi’s and select other makes. Auto Reset will recognize the model of the vehicle automatically and reset the oil light. Select Vehicle provides the option to select the model manually. Help will provide step-by-step instructions.

Our experience

During our test trial, straight out of the box we found the tool to be instantly responsive, and easy use even during a first-time hands-on experience. We never found ourselves confused regarding any operation and never had the need to cancel out and back-track in order to perform any test or service scenario.

Choose a mode and the tool instantly does what it’s asked. The RT-4000 Pro followed all requests and never argued with us, which was a real pleasure. We give this tool a hearty “thumbs up” for its performance and ease of use.


3.25 inch backlit display screen

DLC cable

USB 2.0 storage

OBDII code scan

Electric Parking Brake (EPB) service

Battery reset service

Oil reset light service


JS Products

6445 Montessouri St.

Las Vegas, NV 89113

(800) 255-7011

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