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Subaru Has an RPM Drop With A/C Off

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This bulletin applies to 2018 Subaru Legacy and Outback vehicles. The engine rpm may drop when the A/C switches off during engine warm-up after a cold start. 

A new logic was incorporated into production starting with Legacy VIN J3026042 and Outback J3283955. For previous VINs, reprogram the ECM following the normal FlashWrite procedure. 

Subaru highly recommends connecting the Subaru Midtronics GR8 diagnostic battery charger and utilizing the power supply mode during reprogramming. Confirm all electrical loads (lights, audio, A/C, seat heaters, rear defroster, etc.) are switched off before setting up for power supply mode.

Model: 2018 Legacy/Outback

PAK file name......... 22765AK885B.pak

New ECM P/N.........22765AK85B

Old ECM P/N...........22765AK85A

Description keyword.....943C3B1E

New CID number.......... EB4S101C

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