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Jeep Gladiator May be a Clunker

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Use the thickness of a 5 mm hex wrench (1) placed between the inside of the coil spring (2) adjacent to the jounce cup (3). If the 5 mm wrench won’t easily pass between the spring and jounce cup all the way around the jounce cup, the spring must be replaced.


This bulletin applies to 2020 Jeep Gladiator vehicles where the customer experiences a loud scraping, bump or clunk noise from the front suspension when going over bumps. 

Both front coil springs should be checked, as a defective spring may have been installed. 

Using a 5 mm Allen wrench as a gauge, inspect the coil spring inner bows between the fourth and fifth coil from the bottom, at curb height. 

Insert the Allen wrench between the inside bow of the spring and the shock’s jounce cup. The wrench should be able to pass completely around the coil bow without touching the jounce cup. 

If clearance is too tight, replace that coil spring.

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