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Make That BMW Front Brake Disc Noise Go Away

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The lightweight disc brakes are identified, as shown at the right in this photo. Notice the radiused edges of the disc hat.

This bulletin applies to 2020 BMW 2-6 Series cars equipped with a wheel bolt pattern of 5x120 and 3-8 Series vehicles equipped with a 5x112 wheel bolt pattern.

A ticking noise may be heard from the front wheels while cornering without the brakes being applied. The issue has been traced to microscopic movement of the contact interface between the inner brake disc and the wheel bearing flange of vehicles equipped with lightweight brake discs.

Remove both front brake discs and install a friction ring between the brake disc and the wheel bearing flange.

Clean the wheel bearing flange with a brake cleaner before installing the friction ring. (The rings are available as P/N 34 10 6 887 529.)

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