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Dodge Ram May Have Overheated Mirror

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Outside mirror assembly with glass removed. Arrows indicate the two screw locations for the turn signal housing.


Owners of 2014-2017 Dodge Ram ProMaster vehicles may experience an “external lighting failure” indicator light along with accelerated blinking during turn signal operation. 

This applies to vehicles built on or before May 24, 2017, and equipped with Wide Power Heated Mirrors. The inner turn signal amber lens in the door mirror may be distorted from excessive heat. 

Upon investigation, the technician may find the following DTCs:

  • B1008-18 (right turn lamp – under current)

  • B1007-18 (left turn lamp – under current)

Using a scan tool with the appropriate diagnostic procedures available in TechCONNECT, verify that all related systems are functioning properly. If other DTCs are found, address/correct these before proceeding.

P/N                         PART                                  QTY

68374917AA......... bulb, amber turn signal........... 2

68374918AA......... housing, turn signal right........ 1

68374916AA......... housing, turn signal left...........1

Note: The new bulbs will be amber in color and the new turn signal housing will not have an amber lens/filter.

Remove both outside mirror turn signal bulbs. Remove the two screws that hold the turn signal housing/lens to the mirror assembly and discard the old housing. Install the new turn signal housing to the mirror assembly and install the bulbs.

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