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This bulletin applies to 2018 Jaguar F-PACE, F-TYPE, XE, XF , XJ and X351 vehicles equipped with an 8-speed transmission. The powertrain transmission module learn adaptation routine has been installed on SDD/Pathfinder. 

Should a customer comment about automatic transmission shift quality, adhere to the following routine.

  1. Ensure that the transmission and other relevant powertrain control modules are at the latest software level available.

  2. If there are any DTCs read by the diagnostic tool, resolve them before proceeding.

  3. Using the routine “Powertrain – Transmission control module adaptations,” ensure that all of the clutches have at least three adaptation counts.

  4. If any of the clutches have less than 3 adaptation counts, carry out an adaptation drive cycle using “Powertrain Transmission Module Learn Adaption” to achieve a minimum of three counts on each clutch.

  5. If the shift quality concern is still present, carry out an adaptation drive cycle using “Powertrain Transmission Module Pulse Adaptation” routine to achieve a minimum count of three on each.

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