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Volvo Might Need Total Software Upgrade

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This bulletin applies to 2018-2019 Volvo vehicles. In certain driving conditions (extreme acceleration events), at approximately 5,000 rpm or above, the CEL (check engine light) may illuminate which will correlate with codes P030092 or P030098 (random misfire detected). 

If the driver continues the extreme acceleration event, the CEL will begin to flash. 

The system is designed to prevent serious engine and catalyst damage. Therefore, the system will command a reduced engine performance message. 

This is normal and may take upwards of 15-20 seconds for the system to recover after this event. The CEL will illuminate which indicates the DTCs. 

This scenario is presenting itself as a misfire event. However, the system is picking up background noise due to flywheel adaptation calibration.

A new engine management software is available. Perform a total software upgrade.


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