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Cure Is Available for Rusty Chevy Express

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Example of frame rust where wax coating has peeled off

Owners of 2011-2019 Chevy Express vehicles may comment that areas of the frame wax coating are peeling off and rust/corrosion is visible.

A combination of specialized metal coating products manufactured by Lloyd’s and Daubert have been found to be the most suitable products to provide corrosion control to address this type of repair. 

Using a suitable wire brush, remove any visible rust scale, then prep the surface using Lloyd’s Pure Prep Metal Surface Preparation P/N 25418, then topcoat with both Lloyd’s Kryptonite Metal Treatment P/N 36502 Life Long Rust Protection and Daubert Non-Rust P/N X-121B One Coat Rust Preventative Coating. 

It is strongly recommended that they be applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


 Clean the area of rust/scale. Surfaces must be dry and free of wax/oily substances prior to coating application.


First apply a light coat of metal treatment to all bare areas and allow to flash for 3-5 minutes. Apply a second heavy coat of Lloyd's Kryptonite metal treatment. Top-coat the Lloyd's Kryptonite with Daubert Nox-Rust P/N X-121B. This will dry to a firm, wax-like film which will closely resemble the original coating.

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