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Toyota Issues Reminder About Converter Bolts

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1) Correct length bolt with washer. 2) Incorrect, too-long bolt. 3) Damage as bolt bottoms out.

This reminder is provided by Toyota to provide information regarding the installation of the correct torque converter bolts during automatic transmission/transaxle assembly replacement. Incorrect torque converter bolts or missing washers can cause damage to the torque converter assembly.  

When removing torque converter bolts and washers, take special care that the same bolts and washers are used when installing the torque converter. Using an incorrect length bolt or incorrect thickness washer can result in damage. Note that not all applications will require washers on the torque converter bolts. 

In most applications, there will be one black torque converter bolt. Be sure to install this first to aid in aligning the torque converter to the flywheel. Follow the bolt torque specification found in the appropriate service manual.

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