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Funky Ford/Lincoln Window

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Funky Ford/Lincoln Window

Some 1997-2004 Ford Expedition and 1998-2004 Lincoln Navigator models built through 4-01-2004 may exhibit a pop/thump noise at the end of window travel when either front window is rolled up.

Some 2003-2004 navigator vehicles may also exhibit a driver’s door glass bounce-back and reverse to a mid-position. The condition may exist when the vehicle is stationary or traveling at low speeds. However, the condition will become more pronounced at higher speeds. This may be due to the window glass being too far outboard and catching on the glass run before seating.

To service, adjust the window’s travel path inward by bending the flange on which the glass run is mounted.

1. Remove the inner door panel.

2. Remove the exterior mirror.

3. Torque door glass retainers for regulator to door, window glass to regulator and both front and rear window runs to 8 ft.-lbs.

4. Lower the door glass to position it out of the way.

5. Remove the inner and outer belt molding.

6. Position the front window run aside (remove the retainer and position the run out of the work area).

7. Bend the flange inboard about 10 degrees using a pair of sheet metal clamp locking pliers, starting at the bend at the top of the sail plate, and working down about 10 inches. Be careful not to over-bend the flange, as this can create wind noise.

8. Reassemble (torque the run retainer to 8 ft.-lbs.).

9. On 2003-2004 Navigators, re-initialize the driver’s window according to the workshop manual, section 501-11.

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