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Chevy Spark has Transmission Issue

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This bulletin applies to 2014-2019 Chevy Spark vehicles equipped with a CVY7 automatic transmission. Some customers may comment about transmission operation concerns, transmission lack of performance and/or an illuminated MIL. The technician may find the following DTCs set in the transmission control module (TCM):

  • P0871 (transmission fluid pressure switch 3 system performance)

  • P2714 (pressure control solenoid valve 4 stuck off – hydraulic/mechanical problem)

This condition may be caused by the transmission fluid pressure switch being contaminated with debris coming from the valve body. 

Clear the codes and road test the vehicle. If the DTCs do not reset, no repairs should be done. If the DTCs set, replace the transmission fluid pressure switch. If the vehicle was released to the customer because the codes did not rest but later returns with the same problem, replace the transmission fluid pressure switch. The replacement switch is available as P/N 25202299.

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