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Honda Radar Aiming

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Honda Wave Radar
The small 7/16” bubble level is small and easy to lose. It’s an inexpensive item, so I’s a good idea to order a few.

This bulletin applies to Honda vehicles equipped with the millimeter wave radar (2018 Pilot, etc.). Anytime you’re aiming the millimeter wave radar with the i-HDS, be sure you first perform the mechanical vertical aiming with a rectangular bubble level as noted in the aiming procedure. If you don’t follow this, you could wind up with a variety of radar-related issues or even a comeback.

If your shop doesn’t have the bubble level (small and easy to lose), you can order one from McMaster-Carr at It’s listed as a 7/16” square rectangular vial P/N 3338A14. Keep in mind that if you’re aiming the millimeter wave radar on a 2013-2015 Accord or 2014-2015 Accord Hybrid, the procedure calls for the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Sensor Alignment Tool Set (SPX 10243) instead of the rectangular bubble level. If you don’t have this tool set, it’s available from the Honda Tool and Equipment Program.


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