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Mazda Start Mess-Up

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Mazda start
An example of freeze frame data during a no-start during cranking. Clear the code and educate the customer about starting operation.

Some 2018 Mazda CX-5 vehicles equipped with cylinder deactivation might experience a check engine light on and/or failsafe with DTC P061B:00 stored in the PCM. This condition will likely occur as a result of engine cranking interrupted by releasing the brake pedal, or the start button being double-depressed while the engine was cranking.

Inspect the FFD (freeze frame data). If FFD indicates that P061B:00 was not set during cranking, follow the diagnostic instructions on MGSS online. If the code is set, do not replace any parts. Suggest to customers to allow the engine to completely start before releasing the brake pedal, and do not double-push the start button while the engine is cranking.

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