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Loose Radiator Causes Vibration in Chevy Impala

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Chevy 1

Note the location of an upper radiator insulator mount.


Owners of 2014-2018 Chevy Impala vehicles may comment that there is a vibration at idle while in Drive that can be felt through the steering wheel, driver’s and passenger’s seats or floor. This condition may be caused by either or both of the radiator’s upper mounts being misaligned, or the powertrain mounts being unbalanced.

Inspect the upper radiator mounts for correct position. Note that if one or both mounts are misaligned, the honeycomb structure of the mount will likely be collapsed and will require replacement. Raise and support the vehicle and loosen the radiator lower mounting bolts. In order to access the bolts, the front bumper fascia must be partially removed. Re-align the upper mounts (again, replace if damaged/collapsed). Tighten the lower mount bolts to 16 ft-lb.  Replacement upper insulator mounts are available as P/N 13306606.

If the upper radiator mounts are OK and the vibration still exists, perform the powertrain mount balancing procedure following the service manual.  

Chevy 2

Example of the lower radiator mounts.


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