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Stinky Cabin in a Ford Transit Connect

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Ford 1

A) Fuel filler pipe gasket. B) Fuel filler pipe drain tube.

Some 2014-2015 Ford Transit Connect vehicles built on or before Oct. 17, 2014, may exhibit a fuel odor inside the cabin after refueling. This may be due to a distorted fuel tank filler pipe gasket and missing fuel tank filler pipe drain tube.

  1. Remove the fuel tank filler pipe.

  2. Replace the fuel tank filler pipe gasket and add a fuel pipe drain tube.

  3. Tape the fuel filler drain tube to the body to hold it in position until the fender splash shield is assembled.

P/N                                COMPONENT

DT1Z-278A02-A............fuel tank filler pipe gasket

BM5Z-9S303-A.............drain tube


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