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U.S. Lubricants Launches Thrive Antifreeze Product Line

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U.S. Lubricants has introduced a light-duty and heavy-duty antifreeze product line developed to meet the demands of current and future engines.  

THRIVE antifreeze is manufactured with high-performance virgin ethylene and provides excellent freeze and boil-over protection. Each batch is monitored for quality control assurance and is manufactured in-house in the United States to guarantee a quality product with zero recycled fluids.  

Available in 3/1-gallon cases to better serve the industry through a lighter package, THRIVE antifreeze "diversifies the standard dealership or repair shop stocking strategy to guarantee all services are covered each day," according to U.S. Lubricants officials.

"THRIVE prediluted, ready-to-use antifreeze is manufactured with reverse osmosis water, which prohibits scaling and corrosion of all cooling system metals, including aluminum. THRIVE takes extra steps to provide quality products and exceed both industry standards and (customer) expectations."

Thrive antifreeze is available in the following automotive formulas: Conventional Green, Extended Life Yellow and Dex-Cool Compatible Orange.

It also is available in the following heavy-duty formulas: Pre-Charged Green, Pre-Charged Pink, Nitrite Free Red, Nitrite Free Yellow and Extended Life (NOAT) Red.

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