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Buick Key

Owners of some 2010-2012 Buick LaCrosse vehicles may comment that intermittently the key will not insert fully or rotate in the door or ignition lock cylinder. With repeated attempts and additional force, the key will insert and will operate the lock/cylinder.

This vehicle uses a style of key called a “side-mill” key. Debris may build up in the key groove, preventing full insertion. Some side mill keys have the cut along the key’s edge as opposed to the central cut shown in the accompanying photo.

Clean the debris from the groove with a fine wire brush and a soft cloth. If the customer’s key is free of debris and the original concern was limited to the ignition lock cylinder, the customer may be experiencing torque locking of the ignition cylinder.

If the key seems stuck in the lock position and cannot be turned, turn the steering wheel left and right while you firmly turn the key by hand. Never use a tool to force the key, as the key or ignition switch may break.

Inform the customer that when parking and after coming to a full stop, let go of the steering wheel and allow the steering to relax before turning the key to the lock position and removing the key.

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