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Porsche's Vibrating Dual-Mass Flywheel

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Porsche 1

Look for heavy grease deposits.

This bulletin applies to Porsche Boxster, Cayman, Panamera and Carrera vehicles equipped with a dual-mass flywheel (DMF). A vibration may be experienced. With the vehicle stationary, increase engine speed evenly from idle speed. If vibrations get stronger with increased engine RPM, remove the DMF and inspect. Look for an unusual amount of leaking grease. Slight traces of grease is normal but look for a clearly visible ring of grease close to the DMF in the clutch bell-housing. 

Also look for missing balance weight(s). If a heavy deposit of grease and/or missing balance weight, replace the DMF.

The flange of the DMF must be able to turn torsionally, but it must not turn back automatically. The possible turning angle (clearance angle) is approximately 6 – 8 degrees.

Porsche 2

Inspect the missing balance weights


Porsche 3

Inspect for damaged sealing diaphragm as cause for leaks.




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