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Mazda Loses Power

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This bulletin applies to 2016-2017 Mazda CX-9 vehicles produced before June 26, 2017. Some customers may experience a lack of power. The master warning light or the check engine light turns on and DTC P130C (pre-ignition detected) is stored in memory. It occurs mostly at low temperatures. Once the ignition is turned off and on, the concern may disappear.

The PCM turns the master warning light on during the first drive cycle, then stores a pending DTC. The master warning light and check engine light come on in the second drive cycle as a confirmation of the DTC. The engine power is limited by the fail-safe function both in the first and second drive cycles.

Improper control logic of the PCM detects a normal operating noise as a knocking noise. To eliminate this concern, the control logic of the PCM has been changed.

Re-boot the IDS to clear memory before reprogramming. Using IDS 106.03 or later software, reprogram the PCM to the latest calibration. After calibration, clear DTCs. Start the engine and confirm that no warning lights stay on.


USA 2WD...................file PYFL-188K2-L

USA 4WD................... file PYFM-188K2-L

Mexico 2 WD............. file PYGN-188K2-H

Mexico 4 WD............. file PYGP-188K2-H

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