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No-Click Cap for Corolla

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Toyota 1

Example of offset condition where the cap contacts the fuel shield.

Some 2014-2016 Toyota Corolla vehicles may exhibit a “no click” and/or “no spring return” condition from the fuel cap when fully seated and sealed. In some cases, a MIL on may occur with DTC P0455/P0456 (gross and small evaporate leak). In some vehicles, the fuel filler neck may be out of position leading to this condition.

Remove and reinstall the fuel cap. If it exhibits a “no click” condition, inspect to see if the fuel filler neck contacts with the fuel shield. If so, remove the left rear wheel, and remove the fuel tank filler pipe protector. Remove the four liner screws using a 10mm wrench. Pull outward to release the liner holder. Loosen the filler neck brackets (upper two and lower two).Reposition the neck so that the opening protrudes further outside the body. Firmly press up from the bottom joint while pulling outward on the fuel neck opening. While holding in the raised position, tighten the lower bolt, then tighten the remaining bolts. Verify that the filler neck is now protruding from the body panel and that the fuel cap is not making contact with the fuel shield. Reinstall the inner fender liner and wheel. Confirm fuel cap click and spring return.

Toyota 2

Example of OK condition, with no contact with the fuel shield.


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