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Hard Start for Dodge Ram

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Ram 1

The Bank 1 camshaft position sensor is located at the rear of the valve cover.

This bulletin applies to 2014 RAM 1500 pickup trucks equipped with a 3.6L or 3.2L engine that experiences an intermittent extended crank and long crank time. The customer may experience an intermittent 1-5 second extended crank condition when starting the engine. No DTCs may be present when this occurs.

Using a scan tool, verify that all engine systems are functioning properly. Address any DTCs before proceeding. 

Open the hood and remove the engine cover. Locate the Bank 1 camshaft position sensor, located in the top rear of the valve cover. Inspect and record the serial number stamped on the top of the sensor. 

If the serial number begins with a “D,” replace the camshaft position sensor. Replacement sensors have an improved design.

Ram 2

Check the camshaft position sensor serial number. If the serial number begins with the letter “D”, replace the sensor.


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