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Sticky Switch for Mitsubishi Outlander

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The park assist switch is located in the far left vent panel.

This bulletin applies to 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander vehicles equipped with a park assist switch (located on the far left side of the vent panel). The switch may intermittently stick when depressed. The left side switch slot wall will support is thin and slanted, allowing the switch to sit at an angle when fully inserted. Replacing the vent panel with a new switch will not resolve this problem.

Obtain a piece of 1.5mm-thick 3M adhesive tape (or equivalent), and cut to 20mm x 10mm. Do not expose the tape’s adhesive.. Stick the tape onto the left side of the switch, making sure that it is secured by the two locking tabs on the switch. Reinstall the switch. This easy modification should prevent the switch from sticking.

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Remove the switch and install a 3M tape or equivalent onto the left side of the switch. The stick-on pad should be 20mm x 10mm and 1.5mm thick. Install, making sure that the 3M tape is secured by the two locking tabs on the side of the switch.


Mitsu 3

Reinstall the switch as shown. The tape must be oriented as shown in the photo.


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