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Shocking the Audi

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Shocking the Audi

This bulletin applies to 2010 Audi Q5 models that feature the adaptive dampers suspension warning light on (Suspension: System Fault), with DTCs 00142, 00143, 00144, 00145 and/or 03264 stored.

DTC 00142: shock absorber with front left dampening adjustment valve – N336, 012 electrical malfunction in circuit.

DTC 00143: shock absorber with front right dampening adjustment valve – N337, 012 electrical circuit malfunction.

DTC 00144: shock absorber with left rear dampening adjustment valve – N338, 012 electrical circuit malfunction.

DTC 00145: shock absorber with right rear dampening adjustment valve – N339, 012 electrical circuit malfunction.

Note: This TSB only applies if BIT 7 is set in the following Measured Value Block: Guided Fault Finding >> Ambient Requirements >> Measured Value Blocks for the DTCs listed earlier.

This condition is caused by a function check of the Electronic Damping Control Module that coincides with the engine start.

After the module recognizes the signal “ignition on,” the shock absorber initialization is started. The motors of the regulator valves are checked in turn by brief current supply.

Because of the high voltage required for engine start, the function check is disrupted. As a result, the afore-mentioned DTCs are generated and the Adaptive Dampers warning light is illuminated, with the message Suspension: System Fault.

The warning light goes out after an ignition cycle. According to Audi, the condition does not affect vehicle handling.

Delete the DTC(s).Follow all instructions in Audi’s TSB 2011732 00 Software Version management (SVM).Update the electronic damping control module (J250) using the SVM action code B814A001. The new software part number is 8R0 907 364 A. The new software version is SW0051.

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