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Caddy Click

This bulletin applies to 2009-2013 Cadillac CTS-V models built prior to VIN breakpoint D0106083. A clicking noise may be heard from the front wheels. This condition is noticed at low speed during full wheel lock turns on dry clean pavement. The clicking noise is generally noted as approximately one to four clicks per wheel revolution.

The CTS-V has lightweight high performance front rotors with an aluminum center. The clicking sound is caused by interaction between the wheel mounting face and wheel mounting surface on the brake rotor caused by the aluminum-to-aluminum interface. With properly mounted wheels, and with the wheel nuts torqued to specification, the clicking noise is not a safety issue.

Do not replace the front wheel or brake rotor for the clicking condition. The new brake rotors that were previously advised to be installed for this condition should no longer be installed. The recommended procedure is to now clean the wheels and rotor top hats as well as to replace all wheel nuts.

1. Remove the front wheels.

2. Clean the wheels as follows:

   a. Use a clean cloth dampened with GM Brake Parts Cleaner P/N 19287400 or equivalent.

  b. Wipe the mounting surface of the wheel to remove any residual grey or black material that has accumulated on the wheel mounting surface. Be careful not to use the Brake Cleaner on the painted or clear coated wheel surfaces. It is also helpful to use a Scotch-Brite cleaning pad to aid in cleaning. Note: DO NOT use scotch pads (Roloc disc) on the aluminum material. All cleaning MUST be done by hand. DO NOT use any air or power tools.

  c. Clean the rotor hat with a cloth dampened with brake cleaner, removing any grey or black residue. During the cleaning process be sure to clean the rotor near the wheel pilot at the center of the rotor. Using a hand-held Scotch-Brite pad will aid in cleaning. Do not use any air or power tool for cleaning. Be sure to thoroughly dry the wheel and rotor hat.

3. Reinstall the wheels using replacement wheel nuts P/N 9598179 (quantity 20 for all four wheels). These nuts can be identified with a blue color on the conical surface of the nuts. Torque all wheel nuts to 110 ft.-lbs. Note: If the customer has installed a locking nut kit, a “blue cone” replacement locking nut kit is available as P/N 19259109.

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