Powerless Bimmer

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Powerless Bimmer

This bulletin applies to 2011 BMW 328i models equipped with option 522 (Xenon lights). The power windows and/or power mirrors may be inoperative. The LED on the headlight switch may be flashing, and there may be a check control message for Windows/Mirrors/Headlights. There may also be a complaint of water in one or both headlights. One of the following codes may be stored:

  • 9CBD (communication with stepper motor box left defective)
  • 9CBE (communication with stepper motor box right defective)
  • 9CC1 (communication with mirror driver side defective)
  • 9CC2 (communication with mirror passenger side defective / right stepper motor controller SMC signaling fault)
  • 9CCF (communication with LIN control defective

The left and/or right headlight housing cover may not be properly fitted, allowing water into the stepper motor controller connector.

Perform a vehicle test using ISTA to verify that the faults listed above are stored in the Footwell Module (FRM). NOTE: When the ISTA system message displays “Battery voltage only XX.XX V” connect the charger.Inspect the connector at each headlight (X13420-Left and X13421-Right) assembly for corrosion and replace as necessary. Socket housings are available as P/N 61 13 6 931 864.Make sure that the headlight access covers are installed correctly.Clear the faults and test the headlights for proper function.


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