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Easy Leak Fix for Honda

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This bulletin applies to 2008-2014 Honda Accord V6, 2010-2014 Crosstour, 2008-2014 Odyssey, 2008-2014 Pilot and 2008-2014 Ridgeline vehicles, all equipped with a 3.5L engine. Each side of the engine block has four main bearing cap side bolts that secure the bearing caps to the sides of the block. But, depending on the model year, it is possible that not all of the bolt threads were sealed at the factory. Sometimes engine oil can travel past the threads and the bolt washer, causing a leak. 
If one or more bolt locations show a leak, simply remove (one at a time) the affected bolt(s) and clean thoroughly. Then apply Hondabond HT silicone gasket P/N 08718-0004 to the threads and washer contact surface, reinstall the bolt and torque to specification. Again, if multiple bolts are found to be leaking, complete the task one bolt at a time. To ensure a good bond, allow the silicone gasket to dry for at least 24 hours before starting the engine.


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