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Battery Disconnect Code for Subaru

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This bulletin applies to all Subaru WRX and Forester vehicles equipped with a turbocharged engine. DTC P0606 might be stored. The engine management system is equipped with a backup memory. When disconnecting the battery cables, the backup memory is cleared. On Forester and WRX models, after reconnecting the battery, if the ignition switch is turned back on within one minute after the first time, it becomes possible for the CEL to illuminate, storing P0606 in memory. The code will not occur immediately but may occur after a period of time depending on how the vehicle is operated.

Examples of scenarios that can start the groundwork for DTC P0606:

- Disconnecting the battery

- OBD memory clear

- A dead battery

- ECM replacement (requires battery disconnect)

- Accessory installation or other procedure that requires battery disconnect

To minimize the chances of DTC P0606 setting, if you know (or suspect) any of the above or a similar scenario has occurred, or if you already have the DTC stored, follow these procedures:

Using the SSMIII, clear the ECM memory in OBD

Turn on the ignition, then off normally one time. Wait for more than one minute before turning the ignition back on again.

This procedure allows the self-shutoff relay to power down, completing the self-shutoff procedure.

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