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Cadillac Electronic Power Steering Struggles

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Check the ground and the 80A fuse. Tighten the F72UA fuse connection to 42 in-lb. 

Some owners of 2014-2016 Cadillac XTS vehicles equipped with belt drive electronic power steering may comment on a Service Power Steering message displayed on the driver information center (DIC) after a cold start. When checking for DTCs, the power steering control module may report C056D 3C, C0475 00 or the BCM may report a U0131 set as current or in history.

Inspect the G111 ground and the 80A F72UA fuse for proper connection. Ensure that the ground is free of paint and both connections are tight. Tighten the fuse connection to 42 in-lb and fully charge the battery using the GR-8 tool. Reprogram the power steering control module using the Service Programming System (SPS) with the latest calibration available on TIS2WEB.

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