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Mopar Gear Glitch

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Mopar Gear Glitch

2012 Dodge Chargers equipped with the W5A580 transmission and built on or before 6-5-2012 may exhibit a MIL on and DTC P0730 (incorrect gear ratio) either active or stored in PCM memory.

1. Inspect the transmission fluid for level and contamination.

2. Was the transmission fluid contaminated or was fluid level too low or too high?

  a. YES: Repair the transmission as necessary and/or adjust fluid level.

  b. NO: Perform the following procedure.

Repair procedure

(Install a battery charger to ensure that battery voltage does not drop below 13.2 volts or above 13.5 volts during the flash process)

1. Reprogram the TCM with the latest software.

  a. Connect the wiTECH VCI pod to the vehicle data link connector located under the steering column.

  b. Place the ignition switch in the run position.

  c. Open the wiTECH diagnostic application.

  d. Starting at the “Select Tool” screen, select the row/tool for the wiPOD deice you are using.

  e. Enter your user ID and password, then select OK.

  f. Select the “Next” tab at the bottom of the screen.

  g. From the “vehicle View” screen, click on the TCM icon.

  h. From the “TCM View” screen, select the “Flash” tab. Compare the “Current TCU Flash Number” with the “New Part Number” listed in the “sort table.” If the current TCU flash number is the same as the new part number, the TCM is up to date and further diagnosis is required. If the numbers are not the same, continue to the next step.

  i. With the cursor over the desired flash file, click the small green arrow button on the right side of the screen.

  j. From the “ECU Flash” screen, follow the wiTECH screen instructions to complete the flash.

  k. Once the flash is complete, click the “OK” button on the ECU flash screen.

2. After TCM reprogramming, clear any DTCs that may have set in other modules.

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