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Kia Parking Brake Issue

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Remove the plug (A) from the brake rotor.

After the replacement of the electronic parking brake module (EPB) on any 2016 Kia Sorento equipped with EPB, adjustment of the parking brake shoes must be performed. Prior to adjustment of the parking brake shoes, visually inspect the rear parking brake linings and springs to ensure that all components are in good shape without excessive wear, damage, heat spots, etc.

Remove the plug (A) from the brake rotor.

Rotate the toothed wheel (star adjuster) (B) until the brake rotor is locked and cannot be turned by hand.

Rotate the toothed wheel (B) by 5 clicks in the opposite direction.

Ensure that the brake rotor rotates freely with no drag.

Repeat steps 1-4 for the opposite rotor.
Function test the EPB system to confirm proper operation.

Rotate the star adjuster (B) until the rotor locks up, then rotate the adjuster in the opposite direction 5 clicks.

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