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Jaguar VCT Change

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If the VCT solenoid to be replaced looks like part A, then a link harness is not needed. If the part to be replaced looks like part B, a link harness is required.

This bulletin applies to 2014 Jaguar XF/X250, XJ/X351 and XK/X150 vehicles. A new VCT solenoid has been fitted to a 3.0L AJ126 or 5.0L AJ133 engine which requires a link harness in order to be installed on vehicles built with the prior part.

The VCT solenoid design changed and the electrical connector on the VCT solenoid is a different size. A link harness is available as P/N C2D40548 to join the existing vehicle harness to the new VCT solenoid connector.

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