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Exhausting Escape

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Exhausting Escape

Some 2009 Ford Escape hybrid vehicles may exhibit a MIL on with DTC P013A and/or P0400.

Vehicles built on or before 6-24-2009 with DTC P013A may display this code as a result of an exhaust leak at the manifold catalyst flange. Some 2010 models may exhibit any of the following DTCs: P013A, P0030, P0130 and/or P0400. An improved calibration is available for these vehicles.

For vehicles with a DTC P013A built on or before 6-24-2009, follow Procedure A and B. For vehicles built on or after 6-25-2009, perform Procedure B.

Procedure A

1. Restrict exhaust flow at the tailpipe and inspect for carbon soot/moisture witness marks, indicating a leak at the manifold catalyst flange. Misting a soapy water spray solution on the flange while the exhaust is restricted will increase the ability to identify and confirm leaks.

2. If a leak is present, proceed to Step 3. If not, skip to Procedure B.

3. Disconnect the intermediate exhaust pipe from the manifold catalyst.

4. Inspect the flange for evidence of weld or other material that is raised on the sealing surface and may prevent complete sealing at the joint. If this condition is found, replace the manifold catalyst assembly and both heated oxygen sensors.

5. Proceed to Procedure B.

Procedure B

Reprogram the PCM to the latest calibration using IDS release 68.07 and higher or 69.01 and higher. Calibration files may be obtained at   

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