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Ford F-150 and Others Down on Power

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Some 2015-2016 Ford F-150 and Edge and 2016 Expedition, Explorer, Escape, Fusion and Mustang vehicles equipped with a 2.0L, 2.5L, 3.5L or 3.7L gasoline engine and built on or before May 31, 2016 may exhibit an intermittent loss of power and/or an illuminated wrench lamp, with DTC P2111, P2112 and/or P2119 stored in PCM memory.

Connect the Ford integrated diagnostic system (IDS) tool or equivalent scan tool to the data link connector. Check for DTCs. Are DTCs B00A0, P0122, P0223, P0505, P2135, U0140, U0155, U0401, U0415, U0418, U3013 and/or P04DB present in the PCM memoryā€¯ if yes, this bulletin does not apply. Refer to the powertrain control/emission diagnosis manual for normal diagnostics. If no, proceed to Step 2.

Was field service action (FSA) 16V32 completed during the service visit? If yes, were DTCs P2111 and/or P2112 present prior to FSA completion? If yes, proceed to Step 8. If no, proceed to Step 3.

Are DTCs P2111, P2112 and/or P2119 currently present? If yes, proceed to Step 8. If no, proceed to Step 4.

Check for historical DTCs. If historical DTCs are available in the IDS, the yellow historical DTC icon will be present on the right side menu bar. Are historical DTCs P2111, P2111, P2112 and/or P2119 present in PCM memory? If yes, proceed to Step 8. If no, proceed to Step 5.

Does the customer report intermittent vehicle symptoms including an illuminated powertrain malfunction wrench lamp, lack or power and/or the vehicle entering failure mode effects management (FMEM), resulting in default throttle position at a fixed rpm with reduced engine power and vehicle speed? If yes, proceed to Step 6. If no, refer to the PC/ED manual for normal diagnostics.

Visually inspect the following:

Electronic throttle body (ETB) wiring harness, connector and terminals for damage/corrosion/poor connection.

Intake air piping and connections for damage or leaks.

Throttle plate for damage or foreign material.

Did the visual inspection identity any concerns? If yes, proceed with normal diagnostics. If no, proceed to Step 8.

Replace the ETB. Refer to workshop manual section 303-04.

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