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Cold Start Rattle for Jeep

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1) Heater core supply and return hoses; 2) Purge solenoid; 3) Purge solenoid wire harness.

This bulletin applies to 2011-2012 Jeep Compass and Patriot vehicles equipped with a 2.4L engine and either the continuously variable transaxle or the continuously variable transaxle with an off-road crawl ratio. The customer may comment about a rattle/clatter noise during cold start-up. The fix involves shifter cable replacement, reprogramming the PCM, installing revised heater hoses and routing the purge solenoid wire harness.

Replace the transmission shifter cable.

Remove the right wheel inner splash shield.

Position a clean collecting container under the radiator petcock location.

Without removing the pressure cap and with the system not under pressure, turn the draincock counterclockwise to open.

The coolant reserve bottle should empty first. Then remove the pressure cap.

Allow the cooling system to drain completely.

Remove both supply and return heater core hoses.

Install the new heater core hoses (see part numbers here).

Install the right wheel inner splash shield.

Remove the engine cover.

To ensure that the purge solenoid wiring harness does not come into contact with the new heater hoses, the wire harness will require a slight routing modification.

Loosely pull the purge solenoid wire harness straight and create a bend in the harness approximately 3/8- to 7/16-inch away from the harness retaining clip edge. This bend will also create a natural bend after the existing spot tape on the harness. Then apply three to four wraps of electrical tape securing the bend to the harness.

Install the engine cover.

Fill the cooling system making sure that no air is trapped in the engine.

Reprogram the PCM with the latest software using release 13.01 or higher. Clear any DTCs.

P/N                             PART

05058822AB.......... heater core supply hose

05058823AB..........heater core return hose

04275086AD..........authorized modification label

68048953AB.......... engine coolant

68024433AC.......... shifter cable

Example of secured re-routed purge solenoid wiring harness.

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