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Super Duty EGRT

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Super Duty EGRT

Some 2008-2010 Ford F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with the 6.4L engine and built on or before 11-1-2009 may exhibit a DTC P040D related to the exhaust gas recirculation temperature (EGRT) sensor located in the right-hand turbocharger inlet pipe.

1. Using IDS scan tool, retrieve continuous memory DTCs. Is P040D present?

  a. No…do not continue with this bulletin. Refer to powertrain control/emissions diagnosis manual for normal diagnostics.

  b. Yes…Proceed to Step 2 for replacement of the EGRT sensor.

2, Turn the ignition switch to the off position.

3. Remove the right hand fender splash shield.

4. Disconnect the glow plug module electrical connectors.

5. Disconnect the inlet EGRT sensor electrical connectors.

6. Cut the wire just above the sensor.

7. Apply heat to the sensor mounting boss.

8. Using a 14 mm, 6-point deepwell socket, remove the sensor. Using an open-end wrench to remove the sensor is not recommended.

9. Install a new EGRT sensor. Apply a small amount of Motorcraft High Temperature Nickel Anti-Seize lubricant to the threads of the new sensor and tighten to 32 ft.-lbs.

10. Connect the EGRT sensor electrical connector.

11. Connect the glow plug module connectors.

12. Install the right hand fender splash shield.

13. Clear DTC codes.

The new EGR sensor is available as P/N 8C3Z-12B591-E.

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