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TPM Jumper Fix for RAM

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Tire pressure monitor jumper harness.

This bulletin applies to 2014-2017 RAM ProMaster vehicles built on or before July 3, 2017. The customer may describe a TPM (tire pressure monitor) warning light on. This may be due to missing information or localized failure. Replacement of the TPM jumper harness may be necessary.

A new TPM jumper harness is available as P/N 68377624AA.

Using a scan tool verify that all related systems are functioning as designed. Record and correct any DTCs before proceeding.

Remove the cup holder.

Remove the battery cover.

Disconnect the battery negative cable terminal clamp and remove the negative cable from the terminal.

Disconnect the old TPM jumper harness electrical connectors from inside the vehicle.

Raise the vehicle on a lift.

Disconnect the old TPM jumper harness electrical connectors from outside and under the vehicle.

Disconnect the grommet through the floor for the harness and remove.

Install a new TPM jumper harness through the floor and seat the new grommet.

Reconnect the jumper electrical connectors to the appropriate outside and under the vehicle.

Lower the vehicle.

Reconnect the jumper connectors inside the vehicle.

Reconnect the battery negative cable.

Reinstall the battery cover and the cup holder.

Note the location of the jumper harness grommet hole.

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