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CarCaddy Vehicle Puller 7K Debuts

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Manually pushing stalled or non-operable vehicles is a time-consuming safety hazard that takes multiple people to perform a simple task. The solution? The battery-powered CarCaddy Vehicle Puller (VP) 7K from DJ Products.

The CarCaddy VP7K is specifically designed to pull vehicles easily, safely and efficiently without causing damage to the bumper or body of the vehicle. 

Hydraulic roller arms extend to safely grab and lift the vehicle’s front two wheels without disturbing the front bumper or body. This operation eliminates cumbersome straps, hooks and brackets needed to pull a vehicle or to bump a vehicle from behind with rubber push pads.

The CarCaddy VP7K is easy-to-operate allowing a single operator to maneuver a vehicle up to 7,000 pounds in even the most confined spaces.

Most commonly used to maneuver inoperable vehicles in tight areas, the CarCaddy VP7K can be used in and around automotive testing labs, auto museums, car collections, body shops, at the end of a production line, on a dealership showroom floor, as well as for government highway service organizations.

Click here to learn more about CarCaddy Vehicle Puller 7K and to view a full list of the unit’s features and specifications. 

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