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Infiniti Axle Click

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Remove the cotter pin (depending on specific vehicle) and hub axle lock nut and push the axle back to provide access.

This bulletin applies to 2009-2013 Infiniti EX35.EX37, FX35/FX37/FX50, 2011-2012 G25, 209-2013 G37, 2013 JX35, 2011-2013 M37/M56, 2012-2013 M35, 2011-2013 QX56, 2014-2019 QX80 and 2015 Q40 vehicles. A clicking noise may be heard coming from either left or right front/rear axles during takeoff/acceleration. The solution: apply Molykote M77 grease to the hub bearing surfaces. This grease is available as P/N 44003-7S000.

Do not remove the axle from the hub or transmission for this service.

Remove the front or rear (depending on model) wheel bearing cotter pin and lock nut from the axle.

Push the axle back to allow application of Molykote 77 grease.

Apply a moderate amount of grease to the entire wheel hub bearing surface.

Re-install the wheel bearing lock nut and cotter pin. Refer to the service manual for the specific vehicle for nut torque value.

Apply a moderate amount of Molykote 77 grease to the entire wheel hub bearing surface.

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