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GM trailer brake controller harness GM P/N 23184088.

Some owners of 2015-2017 Cadillac Escalade vehicles may request an aftermarket trailer brake controller added to their vehicle, or an aftermarket trailer brake controller added in lieu of the factory integrated trailer brake controller.

If this is to be done, you’ll need a trailer brake controller harness, GM P/N 23184088

Connect the new harness to the MID-BEC (X61A). The MID-BEC is located under the instrument panel to the left of the steering column. The trailer brake controller harness consists of fourblunt cut wires and a label that calls out the wire colors and each wire’s function. Use these blunt cut wires to connect to the aftermarket trailer brake controller.


Dark blue............circuit 47.......brake output to trailer

Red/green.........circuit 242..battery power (30 AMP)

White/blue.......circuit 3691.........brake signal

Black..................circuit 1050..........ground

Perform the following step only if equipped with RPO JL1:

Locate connector X185 or X138, which is near the underhood fuse block, terminal 32. Circuit 47 ends at the body harness side of X185 or X138 terminal 32, which comes from the X61A junction block. Obtain enough dark blue 12-gauge wire to run from X185 or X138 to the seven-way trailer connector at the bumper. Attach terminated lead P/N 13327155 to one end of the dark blue wire and insert into the chassis harness side of the X185 or X138 connector terminal 32. Run the dark blue wire in its own conduit along the frame to the seven-way trailer connector at the bumper. Remove circuit 47 from the seven-way trailer connector terminal “C” and tape the bare terminal and attach to the harness. Attach terminal P/N 12110853, located in Delphi Tray 4, to the other end of the dark blue wire, with the correct weather pack seal, and insert it into the seven-way trailer connector terminal “C.”

Location of the MID-BEC (X61A) under the instrument panel.

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