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Open the Hood and Say ‘Ah’

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Open the Hood and Say ‘Ah’

A 2011 Audi A4/A5 vehicle may exhibit a message in the MMI that reads “Low Oil Level.”

The hood must be open for at least 30 seconds for a reset of this message to be performed. The message is not reset in the DIS/MMI because the hood has not been recognized as being open due to an inoperative hood contact switch.

Improved hood contact switches have been installed into current production vehicles along with a software change with improved logic.

Check the hood contact switch. Use the VAS diagnostic tester to read MVB 26 in the J393 comfort system control module (address code 46) after the hood is opened and closed. If the value does not change, then replace only the contact switch. Follow the applicable work instructions listed in ElsaWeb for replacing this switch.

There are two suppliers for B8 hood latches. Check the part number on the current contact switch to determine which part number must be ordered (8T0953236B or 8K0953236A).

The two suppliers use different designs for this switch and thus the mounting location is slightly different on the different hood latches. The contact switches are not cross-compatible.

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