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Install the protective foam in the area shown.

This bulletin applies to 2010-2015 Jaguar XJ vehicles equipped with a 5.0L or 3.0L V6 gasoline engine. The MIL may be on, accompanied by DTC P043E, P2401, P2402, P2406 and/or P240A stored in the ECM. The cause may be water/ice caused by road spray becoming trapped within the diagnostic module tank leakage (DMTL) pump filter.

Prior to replacing any components, verify one or both of the following:

Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DMTL) pump failure

Blocked atmospheric vent pipe (DMTL pump to filter due to debris breaking the DMTL tank leakage filter.

Remove the right rear wheel and the wheel arch liner. Install a new fuel tank filler pipe and install a new evaporative emission canister. Install the protective foam. Make sure the foam is installed in the correct area. Secure the foam to the metal pipe with the supplied cable tie. Install the wheel arch liner(torque fasteners to 3Nm) and install the wheel, torquing the wheel nuts to 128Nm.

Connect the Jaguar Land Rover-approved Midtronics battery power supply to the vehicle battery. Turn the ignition on (engine not running). Connect the diagnostic tool to the vehicle and begin a new session. Follow the on-screen prompts, allowing SDD to read the VIN and identify the vehicle and initiating the data collection sequence. Read and clear all DTCs. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the task. Exit the session and disconnect the diagnostic tool and the Midtronics battery power supply.

P/N                   PART

C2D40532...........Evaporative emission canister

C2D30506...........Fuel tank filler pipe

C2D49253........Protective foam

Make sure the foam is installed in the correct area.

Secure the foam to the metal pipe with a cable tie.

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