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Mazda Spring Noise

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The top two coil spring windings may be touching each other.

Some 2016 Mazda MX-5 vehicles produced before February 4, 2016, may exhibit a clunking noise from the rear suspension when driving over road slopes or bumps. This concern may be caused by the top two windings of the rear shock absorber coil spring interfering with one another and causing a stick-slip noise. To correct this concern, a resin protector can be installed onto the coil spring. 

Remove both rear coil springs and degrease the top two windings. Install the resin protector onto the spring, starting 30mm away from the spring top end. The inner side of the protector contains adhesive glue. After installation, press on the protector to make sure it adheres to the spring. Reassemble and reinstall. When installing, use a new bottom nut.

The resin protector is available as P/N N2Y3-28-081 (need 2). The new nuts are P/N 9YB1-01-008 (2).

A resin protector sleeve may be installed to prevent the stick/unstick noise.

Install the protector onto the 2nd winding, starting 30mm from the top end of the spring.

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