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This bulletin applies to 2011-2016 Audi Q5 vehicles. The vehicle may not operate in electric driving mode. The combustion engine may not switch off, even when the high voltage battery is fully charged. The vehicle cannot be driven electrically or the combustion engine does not switch off because the mixture adaptation has not yet been completed. The mixture adaptation values (programmed values) are reset after updating the ECM. After resetting the programmed values, a replacement program of the mixture adaptation values is necessary.

Warm up the combustion engine and engage the handbrake. Press the accelerator pedal for 2 seconds at kick-down (if the combustion engine is not yet running). Select test plan via the guided functions CHJA – Engine (RG)1; 10-18>>01 Engine Electronics J623>>01 – Engine Electronics, functions>>Generating readiness code 01 engine electronics.

Operate the accelerator pedal and brake pedal (engine speed must be increased a few times. After about 90 seconds the values should be successfully programmed. Switch off the engine.

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